Therapeutic Candidates

Therapeutic polymers are drug delivery systems in which a drug API is incorporated into the backbone of a polymer via covalent bond. They undergo a biotransformation in the body to release the drug from the polymer backbone. This is designed to occur at a predictable rate and is a form of controlled release. They are sometimes called polymeric drugs or macromolecular carrier systems.

The attachment of a low molecular weight drug to a macromolecule can alter the pharmaceutical, pharmacokinetic, and pharmacodymamic properties of drug action. The polymer may be able to hide the API from the body or improve its solubility. It is also possible to attach a targeting group to the polymer. APIs are usually cleaved from the polymer backbone by hydrolysis or specific proteolytic activity.

In order to prevent rapid clearance from the serum, therapeutic polymers are large macromolecules (ca. > 60kDa). They may also have a nonregular repeat unit, branching, and significant polydispersity. All of these things can hinder the best efforts to implement characterization studies.

At Analytical Ventura, we have years of experience characterizing unique systems. Our scientists are happy to work with you to help you with the applications that will work best for you. We will develop a solution most suitable for your analytical challenges.


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