Drug delivery polymers are macromolecules that have a variety of uses in the world of drug delivery systems. They can be used as scaffolds in tissue engineering, in bioerodible or biodegradable nanoparticles, in hydrogels, for PEGylation and other polymer-drug conjugates, polymer therapeutics, dendrimers, particles, and many other systems.

You can choose a material which is slowly removed by the body and to which you can bind a variety of agents using a linkage that is designed specifically for the need. One can tailor solubility, charge, etc. to the target. Another advantage of polymers is that the linkage can be designed to control where and when the drug is released and its profile.

One well known application for biodegradable polymers is nanospheres. The release profile for a typical nanoparticle is illustrated in the figure.


Drug delivery polymers can be synthetic or natural in origin. Examples of synthetic polymers are polyethylene glycol, poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid, and polyanhydride. Examples of natural polymers include collagen and hyaluronic acid (hyaluronan). Most have a high molecular weight and are polydisperse. Some have irregular repeat units and many are branched. All of these things can hinder the best efforts to implement characterization studies.

At Analytical Ventura, we have years of experience characterizing polymer systems. Our scientists are happy to work with you to help you with your application and will work best for you and to develop a solution most suitable for your analytical challenges.


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