Drug Delivery Particles

Drug delivery particles are frequently microparticle or nanoparticle in size. They can be made from a large variety of drug delivery polymers.

The size of the particles plays a substantial role in determining the properties of the final product, and its potential applications. The most obvious difference between microparticles and nanoparticles is the difference in the surface to volume ratio. Many of the differences in properties result from that distinction. For some applications, shape is also important.

Particles can be based on a variety of platforms – from biodegradable/bioerodible polymers to liposomes. They may be designed to interact with cells or to be invisible to the body’s elimination mechanisms. for example, “stealth liposomes” essentially hide liposomes from the body, therby increasing their serum half-life.

At Analytical Ventura, we have years of experience characterizing drug delivery particles. Our scientists are happy to work with you to help you with your application and will work best for you and to develop a solution most suitable for your analytical challenges.


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